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We offer fine hand coloured reproduction
17th Century John Speed maps, taken from his works,
"The Theatre of Great Britain" and
"A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World".

These maps were in use before the advent of motor cars, railways, canals, and even before the English Civil War and the loss of Charles' head!

Measuring c. 21" x 16", the maps have been reproduced onto quality cream vellum 120 gsm paper, and painstakingly hand coloured, using sable brushes and traditional watercolours and inks.

Speed's America
In the past if you wanted a John Speed Map, you either had to pay hundreds,
if not thousands of pounds for a genuine one - that is if you could find one.

Or else you had to settle for cheap colour printed or black and white copies,
each costing a few pounds. These printed copies quite often are treated
to resemble 'parchment', although I am not sure why,
because original John Speed maps are never ever printed on parchment!

Well now there is another choice!
Speed's Plan of Westminster As each map is individually hand coloured, each is a unique work of art in it's own right,
and therefore finished products may differ slightly from the pictures shown on the site.

Although not totally accurate from a cartography point of view, these maps display a charm and naivete that cannot be found in today's hi-tech world.
When John Speed maps were originally produced in the 17th Century, the reverse side of the map included a detailed history of the area it depicted. Also given, in the maps taken from 'The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine' was a list of the names of the places and landmarks shown on the maps.

We think that these descriptions from times gone by are so interesting, and think that our customers interested in history or genealogy may do too, so we send a copy of these narratives along with every map we sell.

The text is on the reverse of the rolled maps, as it was when they were first sold, whilst we will include a reproduction of the text with the dry-mounted and framed maps.

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All the prices shown on this site included postage and packing.
We accept payment via PayPal, Cheque or Postal Order,
and we are also Authorised Merchants so can accept payment with
Credit or Debit Card (inc. American Express) over the telephone.
T o place an order, or for more information, please call 0116 262 0500.

!!Please note that red watermarks shown on our images are not present on the finished product!!
These maps can be provided either rolled, 'dry-mounted' or framed.
The rolled product is shipped in a cardboard mailing tube to anywhere in the world.
If you would like to frame the map yourself, we supply them 'dry-mounted' -
bonded onto a rigid card support.
Framed Map of Yorkshire

Example of a Window Mounted and Framed Map

There are two options for the framed product:

Close framed in a traditional dark walnut and gold frame, with a finished size of approximately 600mm x 480mm (24" x 19"),
or window mounted and framed, with a conservation grade, pH neutral ivory mount, framed in a dark walnut and gold frame, and with a finished size of approximately 685mm x 560mm (27" x 22").
Framed Map of Oxfordshire

Example of a Close Framed Map

Unfortunately, we can only send our framed or drymounted products to customers on the UK mainland,
where they take about two weeks to arrive;
the rolled and dry mounted items take around 7 days.