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A town plan of Brecon, along with a legend listing its main streets and buildings,
is given pride of place in the top right corner of this map,
and to its left is a depiction and history of the slaying of
'Leolin, the last Prince that bare rule over the Brittaines' - Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf.

His coat of arms is shown towards the bottom of the right side of the map,
whilst opposite them are the three feathers and crown of the Prince of Wales.

The inclusion of now long gone place names, such as 'Monuchdenny Hill',
which refers to the Brecon Beacons, add to the charm of this interesting chart.

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Window Mounted and Framed
Detail of the History to go with the Map
Close Framed

Rolled (Worldwide)44.95
Dry mounted (UK mainland only)49.75
Close framed (UK mainland only)79.75
Window mounted & Framed (UK mainland only)99.50

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