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This map of France is bordered on the top by views of major French towns;
Angiers, Poitiers, Orleans, Paris, Rouen, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Calais.

To its sides are figures of the French of differing rank, from Queen to Marchant.

The borders of the départements of France at the time are all shown,
and each conurbation is marked with a different symbol,
depending on whether it is an archbishopric, a bishopric,
or has a parliament or a college!

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Window Mounted and Framed
Detail of the History to go with the Map
Close Framed

Rolled (Worldwide)£44.95
Dry mounted (UK mainland only)£49.75
Close framed (UK mainland only)£79.75
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)£99.50

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