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In the top corners of the map are plans of the towns of Berwick upon Tweed and
Newcastle upon Tyne as they were four hundred years ago.
Each has a legend detailing the main buildings of the towns.

Along the left side of the map are the coats of arms of the Earls and Dukes of Northumberland,
whilst on the right side of the map are examples of Romans inscriptions,
together with a history of the Romans garrisons of the county.

Hadrian's Wall, marked as the Pict's Wall, takes prominence on the map,
running from Carlisle in neighbouring Cumberland, to Newcastle.

All of the rivers, castles and other settlements to be found in the county at the time
are marked on the map and named, and the hills of Tynedale,
Redesdale and Flights Fell are also marked.

This would be a wonderful present for anyone from, or living in, Northumberland.

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Detail of the History to go with the Map

Rolled (Worldwide)44.95
Dry mounted (UK mainland only)49.75
Close framed (UK mainland only)79.75
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)99.50

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