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This map, of the Province of Ulster', details all the important settlements of the region,
along with its counties, rivers, loughs, mountains and forts,
which are unusually marked with symbols such as stars,
and squares within squares.

The names of some of the Clanns are also given,
in the areas with which they were associated.

A depiction of 'Enis Kelling Fort' (Enniskillen)
and Lough Erne is located in the bottom left hand corner,
whilst the right corner shows a scale giving distance in English and Irish miles.

This would make a nice present for anyone with links to Northern Ireland.

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Window Mounted and Framed
Detail of the History to go with the Map
Close Framed

Rolled (Worldwide)£44.95
Dry mounted (UK mainland only)£49.75
Close framed (UK mainland only)£79.75
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)£99.50

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